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I created this, and my other website, www.jancoreyarnett.com, because, as a writer passionate about our nation’s heritage barns and as a columnist committed to stirring thought and action on themes that matter, I wanted to create an avenue to connect with kindred spirits.

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So nice to finally meet you. You are a spell-binding presenter, and I know we all enjoyed your talk so much! Indeed, when you showed the human side of emotion connected to barns, it was very moving.

Ann G.

"An enchanting overview...that will grab any reader’s heart with its mixture of history, farming traditions, and frank discussions of preservation issues.... perfect gift...full of heart...."

—Danae Peckler, President, National Barn Alliance

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American Barns

American Barns

Written on contract for Shire Publications (in partnership with Random House and Osprey Publishing) this 72-page book features some 70 photographs and illustrations celebrating America's diverse barns. The book's five chapters neatly highlight the history, designs, purposes, rise and fall, and new lives of the nation's most important structure. It includes an extensive list of barn-related sites to visit across the country and offers suggestions for further reading.

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